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Area Project Manager - CUB & External Pipe Rack

Job Description

This position provides leadership in the Central Utility Building (CUB) and External Pipe Rack scope on the Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Large Scale Biologics Manufacturing Facility (DSM) located in Hillerød, Denmark. The position requires the application of knowledge gained from experience and expertise to the job duties and responsibilities. The position will make decisions in areas that may impact the organization and its employees, clients, budgets, policies, procedures, work practices, or compliance programs.
The purpose of this position is to perform the essential job duties and functions as listed below with the overall objective of establishing an execution framework on the project that complies with the contract and ensures the safety, quality, value, timeliness, and Fluor profitability of the completed project. This position is accountable for performing all project management responsibilities for a substantial area of a large engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) project.
Principal Job Duties & Responsibilities
• Develop a complete understanding of Fluor prime contract and relevant subcontracts
• Ensure Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) are emphasized throughout all phases of the project
• Ensure execution of all aspects of the project in accordance with contractual obligations, Fluor’s Operating System Requirements (OSR) and the relevant Operating System Implementation Plan (OSIP)
• Ensure full compliance with Fluor prime contract with regard to client reporting, notifications, project system start up and close-out requirements
• Ensure that project requirements for Baseline Centric Execution, safety, quality, and productivity are met in all locations managed by Fluor where work is being performed
• Deliver the project scope in accordance with the project execution and commercial baseline
• Ensure preparation of a written scope of facilities and services, and communicate it to project leads
• Provide strong, effective, and decisive project leadership and establish an execution framework to ensure the safety, quality, value, timeliness, and profitability of the total project execution (engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction management (EPCM), commissioning, start up, and operations as appropriate to the Fluor project scope)
• Establish and maintain effective client relations that result in active cooperation, prompt payment, and the desire to award follow-on work
• Establish good work environment and work relationship among Fluor project team members, guide and lead team’s work implementation on aligned and consistent goal and path
• Implement and maintain operationally consistent work processes that enable worksharing to be effectively executed among multiple offices and construction sites
• Ensure accurate, comprehensive and timely project reporting, including completion of the final close-out report, required financial reporting and project reviews
• Establish, maintain, and manage a fully documented change management system that tracks all changes to the contract and project baseline requirements or conditions
• Establish an efficient and cost-effective project environment
• Manage and control the project’s cost and schedule by ensuring that effective project controls are in place and functioning properly, including the establishment of a project structure (work breakdown structure/network/network activity), a quantitative approach to planning, reporting, and control, and a change management system
• Execute the work in accordance with the quality standards and requirements specified for the project, including the preparation of and compliance with project-specific activity plans and ensuring project audits/assessments are conducted per plan
• Ensure effective and timely coordination between design, procurement, material management, and construction teams for integration of technical content and schedule requirements
• Ensure timely preparation and issuance of project deliverables, design documents, and bid packages in correct quality and according to schedule to support the project execution activities
• Implement effective design coordination with licensors, vendors, and subcontractors to ensure proper and complete integration within the project plans
• Ensure effective interface management with third parties
• Support the implementation of automated work processes and tools on the project to the fullest extent practical, consistent with adding value
• Comply with standards and procedures regarding the security and management of computing facilities and systems, including the use of Fluor reference systems
• Ensure that project invoices are submitted to the client in accordance with Fluor prime contract requirements and proactively follows up on accounts receivable and the timely receipt of payment in order to minimize the cost of cash
• Keep senior operations management of the business line fully informed on project status, including client relations, project cost and schedule, changes in risk assessment, anticipated changes in project financial performance, and any other major concerns
• Ensure that project records are identified, collected, indexed, filed, stored, and maintained (including supplier records) in accordance with the project file index and retention schedule
• Review, organize, and share relevant lessons learned from other projects and seek advice from other experienced managers as necessary throughout the life of the project
• Mentor Fluor personnel
• Analyze situations, identify and forecast pertinent problems, and evaluate realistic options; and recommend/implement appropriate course of action
• Organize and prioritize a variety of complex projects and multiple tasks in an effective and timely manner, set priorities, and meet critical time deadlines
• Maintain compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, and global standards
• Adhere to and support Fluor's Health, Safety & Environmental and Sustainability Policies
• May need to travel to attend to business related matters
• Meet expectations on attendance and punctuality
• Other duties as assigned

To be Considered Candidates:

Must be authorized to work in the country where the position is located.

Basic Job Requirements

• Ability to manage a $200M project
• Accredited degree or global equivalent in applicable field of study and significant work-related experience or a combination of education and extensive directly related experience if non-degreed; some locations may have additional or different qualifications in order to comply with local requirements
• Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders
• Job related technical knowledge necessary to complete the job
• Ability to learn and apply knowledge of applicable local, state/province, and federal/national statutes and guidelines
• Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner

Other Job Requirements

• Participate in Fluor University courses for continued learning experiences
• Utilize Knowledge Management processes to capture, support and leverage relevant knowledge to enhance project execution

Preferred Qualifications

• Jobsite experience and understanding of construction safety program
• Project or area management experience in international locations and diverse cultural environments is recommended
• Successful performance as project manager on a minimum of two (2) medium sized project, or multiple project assignments in a significant role on large to very large sized EPFC/CM projects
• Completed all required in-house project management courses in addition to courses obtained from university or other qualified sources
• Good knowledge and experience on project design, engineering, procurement, material management, construction, commissioning, start up, turn over work processes, sequencing, and interfaces
• Project Controls and Finance including understanding of:
- Scheduling (including manpower loading)
- Progress measurement
- Risk assessment and management
- Code of accounts
- Work breakdown structure
- Change management
- Cost control
- Estimating process and planning
- Global Pricing Model (GPM), Project Status Review (PSR) and Project Margin Analysis, Report (PMAR) development and reporting
• Appreciation of key elements of contract law and when to engage legal
• Regulatory requirements including permitting
• Understanding of project funding
• Proactive - goal orientated with the initiative to influence events positively, lead Fluor project team, and influence client for decision making
• Ability to resolve complex problems and to be comfortable in complex project or business environments
• Ability to set and maintain high standards of self performance with responsibility and accountability for successfully completing assignments and tasks
• Demonstration of innovation, initiative, maturity and sound judgment
• Ability to influence a group of diverse individuals, each with their own goals, needs, and perspectives, to work together effectively for the good of a project
• Mobility - for example, relocating to site locations when necessary
• Basic computer and software skills to include the use of word processing, email, spreadsheets, and electronic presentations
• Certification in project management suggested, for example, Project Management Professional (PMP)

Degree Required


Gem job

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