Biohacker needed

Did you know that one kg of protein from beef leaves the same footprint as flying London – New York, and requires around 30kg of corn to produce?

The whole agriculture- and farming industry is inefficient and broken – we are working hard to fix this.

At Biotrino we are passionate about utilizing microorganisms to produce proteins and fats. They do this far faster and more efficient than animals and plants – without using any toxins.

The products can then be used to enhance food products with proteins, or to replace milk, butter, eggs etc.

We’ll use big fermentation tanks where we supply the microorganisms with the nutrients they need, in a controlled environment. 

Currently we’re testing in small scale, in a few months we plan to scale up to bigger tanks, with a commercial aim.

We are looking for someone who can take charge of growing the microorganisms, optimizing the growth parameters, develop the processes, and generally work to make sure things run as smooth and efficient as possible.

You would need a biotechnology background, or have equivalent knowledge. You should be used to working in the lab, and conduct experiments, and find clever ways to build experiments, to get the results as fast as possible.

If you have experience large scale fermentation equipment – for example from pharma, brewing, diary etc – that would be a plus – but not needed.

Here are a few examples of the tasks you’ll solve

  • Find the optimal growth parameters for the microorganisms.
  • Test different nutrient compositions and food by-products as substrate.
  • Plan and develop the processes, so they are efficient and standardized.
  • Come up with creative ways of solving problems. For example, how can we test for contamination in a quick and cheap way? Could we use simple measurements to calculate the cell count and nutrient levels in the tanks?
  • Plan ahead for scaling up the production.

Generally, it's important that you are hardworking, and you take charge and fix the challenges we'll face. Of course, you can't know everything yourself, so you’ll need to find the information yourself, or consult some of our experts.

In the long run, you also have the possibility of taking lead as for example research manager.

The position will be fulltime.

Join us and help fix the world!

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