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Business hustler needed

Did you know that one kg of protein from beef leaves the same footprint as flying London – New York, and requires around 30kg of corn to produce?

The whole agriculture- and farming industry is inefficient and broken – we are working hard to fix this.

At Biotrino we are passionate about utilizing microorganisms to produce proteins and fats. They do this far faster and more efficient than animals and plants – without using any toxins.

The products can then be used to enhance food products with proteins, or to replace milk, butter, eggs etc.

We’ll use big fermentation tanks where we supply the microorganisms with the nutrients they need, in a controlled environment. You can think of the process as somewhere in between a brewery and a pharmaceutical production.

Currently we’re testing in small scale, in a few months we plan to scale up to bigger tanks, with a commercial aim.

We are looking for someone to open doors, connect with people, present our case, seek grants, initiate talk with investors, and handle a variety of business development tasks.

You don’t need to have any knowledge about biotechnology – you can easily get the big picture of how things work.

Here are a few examples of tasks we need done

  • Apply for grants.
  • Call around and try to find equipment/lab space we can borrow or buy/rent cheap.
  • Pitch the idea at different events.
  • Build connections with relevant parties – municipalities, experts, companies that can help.
  • Help plan commercialization and sales channels.
  • Help plan the commercial part of scaling up the production.

Generally, it's important that you are hardworking, and you take charge and fix the challenges we'll face. You might need to seduce someone, or call them on their day off. Remember we can justify this, as we are working to solve problems that directly affects them as well – and you will see that people understands this and are more than willing to help.

In the long run, you also have the possibility of taking lead as for example business development manager.

It would be optimal for us if you could start part time or as intern, and then grow into a full-time position. You will directly affect this with the grants you’ll be seeking.

Join us and help fix the world!

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