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EHS Manager - Europe


Genan has more than 25 years of experience in tyre recycling. Operating four factories in Europe as well as one in the USA, Genan is the largest tyre recycler in the world. The total intake capacity of these five fully automated, high-technology recycling plants is 375,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) annually.

Genan’s recycling technology was originally developed in 1990. Since then, the technology has continuously been developed and optimized in order to make Genan an ever more environment-friendly company – striving for a sustainable future.

Worn down tyres from passenger cars, vans, lorries, tractors and OTR vehicles are separated into their original components: rubber, steel and textile fibres. Genan manufactures rubber granulate and powder in a number of different sizes. End products are clean and uniform and thus very well suited for high-quality substitution of virgin rubber.

Rubber granulate and rubber powder can be used for many different applications. Genan rubber products are used for asphalt and bitumen modification; in the sports and leisure segment, products are e.g. used for running tracks, playgrounds and artificial turf; they can be used for various industrial rubber products; for new tyres; for paints, coatings and adhesives – as well as for plastics. But in fact, the only limit is your imagination…

GENAN is looking for an Environmental Health and Safety Manager for its four European production entities, to monitor and critically assess the system development and implementation of the environmental health and safety programmes at the Genan plants within the geographical area. The job title is EHS Manager – Europe.

The QHSE structure in GENAN is based on an architecture of “system responsible” and “operational responsible”, both referring into the European Production Director as Management Representative.

The QHSE department is divided into two areas of responsibility: Quality and Energy and Environmental Health and Safety. It is of the utmost importance that the managers of these two areas work closely and well together, but moreover also equally important that these managers work closely and smoothly together with the operational side of the organization, comprising plant managers, service managers and their individual staff as well as sales and administration.


The job involves developing a systematic and organized approach to follow and comply with environmental regulations, managing waste and/or reducing Genan’s carbon footprint.

To have a strong hold of Environmental Health and Safety, the manager should possess knowledge helping to create measures on how to address ergonomics and other concepts in the workplace, where the well-being and health of all employees and persons involved in the company is taken into consideration.

The EHS Manager is also in charge when it comes to the company’s compliance with all environmental standards and regulations in Germany as well as Denmark.

Health & Safety:

The EHS Manager shall be responsible for the work safety of all European Genan employees – as well as the availability (and use) of proper safety equipment. In this role, the EHS Manager is expected to take into consideration the assessment of the company’s overall workflow as an EHS specialist, and along with other members of the senior management team, implement the policies needed for the use of personal safety equipment.

Furthermore, this role includes the responsibility for explaining details in the procedures that are potentially dangerous in order for the employees to have better understanding of how to lower the risk of injuries and other dangers.

As system responsible for the EHS area, the EHS Manager must plan and/or conduct on-going safety training for all European Genan employees – in collaboration with local plant managers – and review as well as present the results for the top management of Genan. The EHS Manager must also make sure that new employees receive timely information and introductions in respect of training in their specific area of the company. The EHS Manager is expected to be professional and eloquent when it comes to the requirements of rules and regulations that help protect worker’s health and safety. The manager must be able to identify and determine which regulations should apply for the company in both Denmark and Germany.

The Environmental Health and Safety Manager must participate in the routine safety meetings held at each of the individual production entities in order to review new procedures and policies needed for all employees. These essential safety meetings help give staff members the chance to share their safety issues, observations and make suggestions for environmental health and safety improvements.

The Environmental Health and Safety manager is also responsible for reviewing posted safety information throughout the work field in order to be up to date and in the know in respect of rules and regulations in both Denmark and Germany.

If an employee is injured, the EHS Manager is responsible for conducting the investigation of the entire incident. The Manager shall report findings to senior management, reporting what caused the injury – in collaboration with and based on information from the local plant manager. The EHS Manager must also makes suggestions as to how such injury could be prevented in the future. However, if the injury was caused due to an unsafe action, the EHS Manager is responsible for scheduling a retraining session for the employees – in collaboration with the local plant manager, so that proper safety procedures may be adjusted.

Work will primarily be office-based with travel within the EU and occasional travel overseas to the US production entity. Genan has offices in Dorsten, Oranienburg and Kammlach in Germany and in Viborg in Denmark. Frequent visits to the production sites are required.

Genan has just recently acquired the Sherlock system for document management for the European organisation, and as EHS manager you will together with the Q&E manager be responsible for a swift implementation of this system (See more:


ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - ISO 50001:2011 - OHSAS 18001:2007


1. A good communicator – The role as EHS Manager involves communicating at all levels across organisations, including regular interaction with both colleagues, suppliers and customers. Good verbal and written communication is therefore a must.

2. The power of persuasion – It is one thing to communicate well, but it is quite another to communicate effectively. When explaining and enforcing health and safety policies, candidates with strong persuasive skills will be preferred.

3. A born leader – As EHS Manager, it is required that you can work autonomously and manage your own projects. A track record of proven leadership skills as well as demonstrable initiative and drive.

4. An organised mind – With multiple projects to manage in a demanding and fast-paced environment, the EHS Manager must possess strong organisational skills and be able to manage numerous simultaneous tasks – and finish them in time.

5. Attention to detail – it should go without saying that an analytical mind is essential for success in this field, and the EHS Manager will regularly be required to closely monitor processes and practices in order to ensure best practice at all production entities of the organisation.

6. Excellent co-operative team player whilst maintaining the ability to work alone – good communication and power of persuasion is important, but as one of Genan’s strength is the “Genan family”, it is imperative that the EHS Manager is a team player and will support and assist the European team, much more than point fingers and give orders. Moreover, the fact that the QHSE function has been split between two managers means that – with the new ISO standards in mind – it is required that the Q&E Manager and the EHS Manager share the workload in some periods and work as one unit in others.

7. High personal energy level – Genan is a small organisation, where everyone has fixed tasks and sometimes work long hours. This requires a high personal energy level with lots of initiative and work ethics that ensure that deadlines are met.



1. Effective written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills – the EHS role means working in Denmark as well as Germany, and fluent English is thus a prerequisite for being able to fulfil the job, communicating with Danish colleagues.

2. Able to travel within Europe approx. 50-60 days/year and occasionally to the US 5-10 days/year – the EHS role means working on and assisting in implementing the EHS system on all 4 European production entities – including monitoring and reviewing implementation. The latter must be done through visits, follow-ups as well as internal audits held by the EHS Manager.

3. Trained in and able to do internal audit according to ISO 14001:2015 is required – with a minimum of 3 years experience.

4. Trained in and able to do internal audit in OHSAS according to ISO 18001:2007 is required - as well as training as a health and safety expert (e.g. by the Berufsgenossenschaft) – both with a minimum of 3 years experience.

5. Proven track record of managing EHS in a multisite production company


1. Experience of technical, production or project management.

2. Knowledge of quality assurance and energy management in production.

3. Experience of working outside of Germany


Please apply the job by sending your updated CV, cover letter via our webpage by click on ‘’APPLY JOB’’, and follow the instructions. – OR apply direct on our LinkedIn Ad.

In your CV, please include a personal photo, your family status and your expected NET remuneration in Chinese RMB or EURO.

In your cover letter, please include your motivation, competences for this job and tell about your personality.

Application deadline: ASAP.

Efficient Recruitment based in Denmark, handles this recruitment process for Genan. For more information or if you have any questions regarding this position, please contact Soeren Prehnum by tel: +45 5360 5600 or e-mail or Michael Folmann at tel. +45 2121 6464 or e-mail

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