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Fullstack developer with Front end focus

Fullstack Developer with Front-end Focus

We’re looking for a developer who enjoys building complex, web-based applications and wants to help further develop a powerful software that enables people tof unlock the enormous value of analysing and exploring log data.

As part of our development team, you’ll be working closely with designers, UX experts, and backend developers to further develop our browser-based UI (written in Elm), providing the best user experience in interacting with logs and metrics.

Examples of your job tasks include:

  • Work with a designer and UX expert to create an alerting system that integrates with external providers such as PagerDuty and VictorOps. You’ll discover requirements and implement the features in Humio’s UI
  • Implement a new kind of chart that will help our users get better insights about their

data and support drill-down to explore the underlying data in real time

  • Add support for user-specific preferences for visualization and widgets
  • Work with query language experts to help guide the user when they write an incorrect search query

How we work
We work in stable, effective teams of 4-6 people with different competences. Each team has a high degree of autonomy to decide how they want to work and chooses their own tools and platforms, whether it be Scrum, Kanban, or a third option.

At the same time we believe that, in order to work efficiently together as a united company, we need to agree on how we do some things. For example, we write tests so things don’t break, we use style guides so the platform is consistent, and make sure coding conventions for different parts of the codebase can easily be read and understood by others. Stability and performance are key, so we strive to do proper modelling of the problem domain, use a single source of truth in our code and keep a high level of abstraction and low coupling in our Elm code base.

We imagine that you…
… thrive in a fast-paced, international start-up environment and is a comfortable self-starter who enjoys the opportunity to impact the direction of the product. You get excited about developing complex projects with non-trivial use cases and openly share knowledge with your teammates and seek out user feedback. Diving into the backend code (Scala) and implementing API endpoints doesn’t scare you and you have a big passion for working on CSS and HTML to make things look great and create the best possible user experience.

Furthermore, it’d be great if you also:

  • Find working with Elm and functional languages exciting and fun
  • Have a good grasp of functional concepts and topics like immutability, first class functions, etc. (no previous Elm experience is required)
  • Have experience working with backend systems (can provide a higher degree of autonomy)
  • Have experience using React, Angular 2, or Redux.

NOTE: We only hire for this position in Aarhus, Denmark. Proficiency in written and oral English is a requirement.

Meet Humio!
Humio is a high-speed log analysis -and aggregation platform. We started building our own database 4 years ago because existing tools couldn’t handle the kind of volumes modern systems produce. We’re talking log volumes in the petabytes per day!

Humio allows you to explore and analyse those kinds of volumes and do it in real time.

That’s not a small feat and we’ve only just started our journey in empowering users to discover how powerfully working with logs and metric can be fun and insightful.

We care to make Humio easy to use while still being general enough to support working with logs from any system and in any format. We have embraced functional programming and written almost our entire UI in Elm. 

In other words, Humio is a paradigm shift, changing the way people think about log management software. At the core of this paradigm shift is our people. Since we feel it’s so important to inspire, support, grow, and enable one another, we've chosen a diverse group of smart, creative, talented, compassionate, and fun people to work with. The work is challenging but also allows for great flexibility to prioritise off-work commitments, and we wouldn't have it any other way. If you see yourself as a great match with us and the job, we would love nothing more than for you to join us!

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Mere af samme slags?

Modtag jobannoncer der minder om dette job i din indbakke.

Når du tilmelder dig accepterer du samtidig vores privatlivspolitik. Du kan altid trække dit samtykke tilbage.