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Head of department at Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University (935109)

To help to achieve the university’s ambitious goals, Science and Technology, Aarhus University, is looking for a person to fill the position of head of department (starting on 1 September, 2018 ) at the Department of Computer Science. 
Aarhus University ranks among the world’s top 100 universities. It has the ambition and potential to achieve an even higher ranking among the leading universities in Europe. The university therefore aims to preserve and expand the academic depth it currently enjoys, and to seek new opportunities and connections across fields and in close interaction with the outside world. 
In its efforts to achieve this ambitious goal, Aarhus University has undergone an extensive academic development process in recent years, in order to create deeper connections across the university’s many disciplines. The goal is a significant enhancement of the university's academic environments combining broad-based academic and educational competencies with research-based relevance to society. 
The university’s strategy can be viewed at
About the Department of Computer Science 
The Department of Computer Science has a very strong international academic research profile. 
Together with the research, the teaching aspect constitutes a significant factor and educates students at all levels. By maintaining an inspiring, challenging and international research and teaching environment, the department seeks to attract the very best researchers and students. 
There are 26 tenured academic staff, 10 technical and administrative staff, approx. 40 PhD students as well as a varying number of postdocs (approx. 20) affiliated with the department. Every year, approx. 180 students are admitted. 
Read more about the Department of Computer Science at ;
Areas of responsibility 
The head of department undertakes the day-to-day management. 
The head of department represents the department externally and, on the authority of the rector and dean, is responsible for the department's academic, financial and HR management, including the planning and allocation of work. 
The head of department ensures high quality and great cohesion in the department’s research, talent development, teaching and knowledge exchange. The head of department is responsible for drawing up and implementing strategy and action plans for the department’s research efforts, and must have a special focus on the department’s dedicated contribution to interdisciplinary research across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The head of department must also follow up proactively on evaluations of education and teaching, in cooperation with the board of studies and head of studies. 
Finally, the head of department must ensure that the department makes its expertise available to service and advise government agencies and institutions and businesses. 
Specialisation and professionalisation of administrative support means that the head of department is freed up from many administrative tasks. The head of department must therefore focus on strategic management, financial accountability and good HR management. 
Position and personal profile for department heads 
Aarhus University’s vision: 
“To belong to the elite of universities and to contribute to the development of national and global welfare via outstanding research and world-class degree programmes” 
Aarhus University’s vision requires department heads to be able to fulfil the following expectations in the performance of their job. They may already have acquired the competencies in the course of their career to date or they must be able to acquire them quickly in a reasonable manner on the job. 
Academic competencies 
A head of department is expected to: 

  • Be an internationally recognised researcher and globally oriented, with strong legitimacy within the department’s academic area. 
  • Have a research career with proven substantial international insight and experience. 
  • Hold or have held an academic management position and have extensive teaching experience. 
  • Possess a documented high level of knowledge of university environments. 
  • Have a good understanding of social conditions nationally and internationally. 
Managerial competencies 
A head of department is expected to:  
  • Offer visionary and strategic thinking from a global perspective with the skill to convert visions into strategic goals and actions. 
  • Be able to pursue these strategic goals.  
  • Possess the managerial authority to help ensure organisational cohesion between academic environments. 
  • Be able to involve and listen to other people and build on their ideas. 
  • Master involving the organisation, respecting a range of strong opinions, drawing his/her own sober conclusions and taking action in a professional and forward-looking manner. 
  • Be a loyal and dedicated member of a chain of command while acting independently and understanding his/her role and academic and strategic discretion. 
  • Based on the department’s results and academic depth, have an eye for continually creating synergies and connections across disciplinary boundaries and in close interaction with the outside world. 
  • Through visible HR management that recognises and professionally develops employees, strengthen the department’s profile as a workplace with an attractive and inspiring study and research environment that attracts the best employees, students and partners, both nationally and internationally. 
Strategic competencies 
A head of department is expected to: 
  • Be able to anticipate society’s future needs for research and education, talent development and knowledge exchange. 
  • Be a visionary committed to establishing a shared research and educational profile for the centres/departments that improves Aarhus University’s standing among the best universities in the world. 
  • Have an aggressive eye for potential and undeveloped collaborative relations and projects, both public and private, and the flair to bring them into being to the mutual satisfaction all concerned.  
  • Be good at formulating long-term strategies and developing effective action plans.  
Communicative competencies 
A head of department is expected to: 
  • Be a strong, credible and direction-setting communicator both internally and externally and in both Danish and English. 
  • Be good at building relations and at appreciative communication internally, but also to a large extent with external partners such as the business community, public authorities and organisations, the political environment and the media 
Personal competencies 
A head of department is expected to: 
  • Possess personal integrity, credibility and human decency. 
  • Be decisive and staunch, and to have a pronounced feeling for situations and sympathetic insight into both professional and personal relations. 
  • Have well-developed interpersonal skills and be conscious of his/her personal responsibility and the authority that goes with it. 
Place of work and area of employment  
The place of work is Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N, and the area of employment is Aarhus University with affiliated institutions. 
Appointment procedure 
If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact: 
Science and Technology: Dean Niels Chr. Nielsen, tel. +45 28 99 25 41 or
The application must include the applicant’s thoughts and ideas on the development of the department in the coming years, an explanation of how the applicant fulfils the qualification profile, a CV and a list of publications. 
According to the University Act and the university’s by-laws, the appointment procedure must ensure that the head of department has academic and management legitimacy. An advisory group has therefore been appointed which advises the dean, on this basis, on which candidates should be invited to an interview. The advisory committee is made up of academic staff, technical/administrative staff and students. 
AU has signed the Charter for More Women in Management and therefore encourages both men and women to apply for the position. 
Formalities and salary range 
Employment is subject to the collective agreements for academics employed in the state sector in Denmark between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations, as well as the protocol to the collective agreement for academics employed by the state on department/school heads and deans at universities. The position is a 3-6 year fixed-term appointment. The appointment may be extended for a period of up to three additional years. The position pays a base salary of DKK 484,944,00 per year in 03.03.2012 prices (DKK 505,527,96 in current prices). In addition, a fixed-term salary supplement is paid and a supplement for qualifications can be agreed. Depending on the candidate’s qualifications, the total salary is expected to be up to DKK 920,000 at current prices, including pension.  
All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. 
All applications must be made online and received by: 15/4/2018 
Please apply online here

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