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Overlæge til Klinisk Biokemisk Afdeling ifm. professorat - clinical professor of clinical biochemistry with special focus on cardiovascular disease and dementia

A position as consultant at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Diagnostic Center, Rigshospitalet, is open for appointment.  
The position is combined with a 5-year position as clinical professor of Clinical Biochemistry with special focus on Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 
With this new position the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Rigshospitalet wishes to strengthen the leadership in applied human biochemical and genetic research, and teaching in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen. 
It is a requirement that the applicant is accepted for appointment of both the professorship and the position as consultant. 
About Department of Clinical Biochemistry
The department comprises sections for clinical biochemistry and for molecular genetics, including next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques. The molecular geneticists and clinical biochemists at the department work closely together and the department also have extensive collaborations with other departments at the hospital, in particular cardiology and neurology. 
Clinical functions and focus areas of the department 
The Department of Clinical Biochemistry is part of Denmark’s leading university hospital for specialized medicine and performs more than 8 mio. analyses pr. year, supporting the medical specialities at the hospital. The Department also provides national services for highly specialised functions, including molecular genetic diagnostics and carrier screening for inherited dyslipidaemia, heart disease and amyloidosis. The department has implemented NGS technologies for diagnostic exome sequencing.  
Research and teaching 
With the new position as professor of Clinical Biochemistry with special focus on Cardiovascular Disease and Dementia, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry wishes to strengthen leadership in applied human biochemical and genetic research and teaching. 
Mortality for heart disease has fallen markedly over the last 20 years due to improved treatment and prevention. Heart patients now have a life span that encompasses a high risk of developing highly age-related diseases such as dementias. Large parts of the aging population have common risk factors for cardiovascular disease and dementia, most of which are hypertension, diabetes, overweight and smoking. 
Dementias are severely disabling, neurodegenerative diseases, that affect more than 47 mio. people across the world (app. 87,000 in Denmark) and by 2050 the number is expected to increase to 132 mio. (130,000 in Denmark).  At present there are no healing or effective disease modifying treatments. The prevention potential is huge, since the improved treatment and prevention of vascular risk factors has shown a slightly reduced incidence of dementias in the western world. However, the explosive population growth and increase in life expectancy will triple the incidence of dementias over the next three decades.  
In spite of a major prevention effort that has led to less smoking, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels in the population, inactivity, overweight and diabetes imposes an enormous challenge to our health system and in particular for cardiovascular disease and dementia. It is thus of crucial importance to intensify prevention efforts in general, but especially for high risk groups, where targeted prevention and treatment have the greatest effect. Risk stratification for cardiovascular diseases has been used for a number of years, in which treatment goals depend on the estimated 10 year absolute risk. The need for a dementia-risk-search that includes vascular and genetic risk factors as well as robust biomarkers is huge, especially since it has been shown that an intervention strategy can improve cognitive functions in high-risk patients 
The purpose of the professorship is to establish a scientific foundation for a targeted prevention strategy affecting both cardiovascular disease and dementia. By increasing the understanding of the diseases and their mutual relationship, causality can be established and risk-algorithms for dementia, including cardiovascular components, can be developed. This specific research area has the potential to become international leader and will support precision medicine for the benefit of patients, their relatives and society as such.  
Applicants should have a medical specialist approval in Clinical Biochemistry, since experience with using robust clinical biochemical and genetic biomarkers is essential for this position. 
In order to be considered, the applicant must send an application to both the Faculty (the professorship) and to the hospital (the position as senior researcher/consultant) cf. the simultaneously advertised position of the professorship. Appointment is conditioned by the fact that the applicant obtains both positions. This also applies to the applicants who are already employed at Rigshospitalet. 
Salary and conditions of employment will be agreed between the Danish Regions and the relevant associations and between the Capital Region and University of Copenhagen. 
As clinical professor at least 50 % of the working time will be allocated to academic tasks (e.g. research, teaching, evaluation tasks and communication with the public) in agreement with the head of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Copenhagen. The remaining time will be allocated for diagnostic laboratory work in agreement with the head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry.  

Application procedure 
The application must include the following: 

  • Curriculum Vitae and a complete list of publications 
  • A description of how the applicant is qualified as 
  • Communicator 
  • Collaborator 
  • Manager/administrator/organizer 
  • Scholar/researcher/teacher 
  • Professional 
The closing date for applications is 1. March 2018. 
Further information 
For further information please contact tel. + 45 3545 2016 or email: 
The advertisement for the professorship is available from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen:
About the Centre of Diagnostic Investigation
The Centre of Diagnostic Investigation comprises a collection of highly specialized departments: Clinical biochemistry, clinical immunology, clinical microbiology, clinical genetics, pathology, center of genomic medicin, diagnostic radiology, clinical physiology/nuclearmedicine and PET, clinical genetics.  
The center has a staff of 1.600 and an annual turnover of 1 billion kroner. The center produces annually 8.5 mill. laboratory analyses and performs  250.000 image diagnostics based on 800.000 contacts with patients and donors.  
The core task is high-level research, strong educational environments, customised diagnostics and patient treatment. 28 professors and other researchers provides annually more than 500 scientific articles in international reputable journals.


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