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Positions for research in synchrotron and neutron imaging in hard materials and life sciences

Why us?

SOLID is a Danish Centre of Excellence with more than 40 scientists and engineers, who couple materials and health science research with developments in 3D synchrotron and neutron imaging. We work together in a dynamic, friendly team, to solve questions of relevance for energy, health and climate.

We are interdisciplinary, international and inclusive. Our environment is diverse, and dynamic. Motivated candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of background.

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Our vision

We aim to visualize the internal structure of all sorts of solid materials, their creation and change during use – in 3D, on all the relevant length and time scales. This means we can generate and apply a new generation of more realistic multiscale material models. This would be a fundamental "game changer" in materials science, because effective models are the door to the dream of computational materials design. Multiscale 3D description is the key to understanding the basics of bone and tooth biology and thus for the development of new drugs and diagnostic methods, e.g. for osteoporosis. Similarly, our new high throughput 3D imaging methods will facilitate massive digitization of fossils and museum specimens, to facilitate progress in understanding human evolution and climate change.


Why Denmark?

English is spoken widely and is the working language in the university. Denmark offers an attractive work-life balance, with work hard/play hard expectations. Research benefits from a deep culture of teamwork, creativity and enthusiasm in solving problems together, where students work side by side with senior scientists.

Denmark has a thriving food scene, excellent museums and infrastructure, beautiful natural scenery and friendly people. All of the SOLID partner institutions are in student rich cities. A young population means many cultural and athletic activities and music festivals.

The positions

As a cross disciplinary centre, we seek candidates with a background in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, materials science, geology or engineering. For the PhD positions, no specific experience is required in the topic of the research but keen interest and a drive for solving problems are essential. We also expect you to be strong in physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Our expectations about you, as a person

You are excited about fundamental science and applying the results to solve practical problems of importance to society. We expect that you enjoy being part of a team, that you have a sense of humour, you are a good problem solver, enjoy helping others and that you are also able to work effectively and independently.

We hope to receive your application

We plan to hire 7 PhDs and 3 postdoctoral fellows within the next half year. The openings are listed below but we are open to letters of interest at any time and for future positions. To learn more about the materials, projects and people, and to start your application, we refer to the homepage:

  • PhD: High pressure neutron and x-ray studies of liquid structure
  • PhD: Semi-supervised learning (artificial intelligence) for volumetric segmentation
  • PhD: Visualization of self organization of dislocations using an x-ray microscope
  • Post doc: Dark field x-ray microscopy
  • PhD: Phase contrast imaging with neutrons
  • PhD: Diffraction imaging with neutrons

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Mere af samme slags?

Modtag jobannoncer der minder om dette job i din indbakke.

Når du tilmelder dig accepterer du samtidig vores privatlivspolitik. Du kan altid trække dit samtykke tilbage.