Rheumatologist, Denmark

Medical Consultant, Slagelse Hospital

Vacancy for a full-time position as a medical consultant at the rheumatology outpatient clinic at Slagelse Hospital.

About the department
The rheumatology outpatient clinic undertakes the diagnosis and treatment of patients with inflammatory joint and connective tissue diseases and degenerative joint conditions including acute and sub-acute back disorders with nerve root compression and sports medicine (regional centre). Treatment of back disorders is undertaken at the Interdisciplinary Spine Unit in collaboration with the Spine Centre at Køge Hospital and specially trained physiotherapists.

The rheumatology outpatient clinic is a part of Medical Department 1, which in addition to the rheumatology outpatient clinic also deals with respiratory medicine and gastroenterology. The department values qualities such as professional expertise, initiative, a desire to cooperate across disciplines, training of incoming colleagues, loyalty and a willingness to delegate responsibility. Emphasis is also placed on the ability to interact socially with the department’s team of doctors.

Facts about the department
• The catchment area covers approx 400,000 citizens.
• The doctors in the rheumatology outpatient clinic hold their own conference on a daily basis and also participate in group training with the other medical specialisations
• For rarer connective tissue diseases, we have established a close collaborative relationship with Odense University Hospital
• The medical staff consists of seven specialists and one registrar in training
• The nursing staff consists of the head nurse and four regular nurses
• The rheumatology outpatient clinic is a unit in Medical Department 1 with its own department and section management consisting of a chief specialist physician and a head nurse
• The department participates in the training of medical students from Copenhagen University via four clinical lectureships and a research lectureship

We expect
• You are a trained specialist in internal medicine: Rheumatology
• You are expected to participate in the training of doctors to the same extent as your fellow medical consultants in the department
• We expect you to be able to communicate expertly with patients, partners and colleagues

Whats attractive working for us
• Outpatient functions, conferences and supervision together with the other medical consultants in the outpatient clinic
• Close medical training within branch specialisations
• Good, professional healthcare environment both within rheumatology and internal medicine
• Good working and learning environment
• Well-functioning interdisciplinary cooperation
• Engaging colleagues
• Short communication pathways to management
• An acute hospital undergoing strong growth
• A department with strong development potential in the field of internal medicine and branch specialisations
• The opportunity to influence development of the rheumatology specialisation
• Position that does not entail on-call obligations
• The department can offer cooperation on equal terms with good opportunities to make professional contacts on a national and international level through meetings and courses

Slagelse Hospital
Slagelse Hospital is an acute hospital, which specialises in the rapid treatment of acute illnesses. The hospital receives acute patients around the clock and undertakes planned treatment within the following areas:
• Surgery (diseases of the stomach and intestines, gallstones, hernias, haemorrhoids, appendicitis, and cancer of the large intestine and rectum). The hospital also offers endoscopic examinations and treatment of, for example, arteriosclerosis and balloon dilation of the blood vessels
• Medical illnesses (diseases of the heart, stomach, intestines, liver, lungs, spine, hormones and metabolism, as well as rheumatism)
• Orthopaedic surgery (all types of bone fractures, hand surgery, amputations, endoscopic examinations of the knees and wrists, etc.)
• Work and medico-social illnesses (work-related problems such as stress and physical strain)
In 2013 Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted (NSR) hospitals became an autonomous unit within the Region Zealand public hospital service, with its own hospital management and administration. As of 1 January 2015, the NSR hospitals have 3,500 employees and 622 beds.

At Næstved, Slagelse and Ringsted hospitals, we do our utmost to create a stimulating and exciting workplace, and we strive to be the best place of training in Region Zealand for many different specialist fields.

Facts about Region Zealand
Region Zealand is one of the five regions in Denmark and is geographically spread across 17 municipalities. It covers a geography of 7.200 square kilometers and has more than 800.000 citizens.

Region Zealand has six hospitals spread across the region. Region Zealand is attractive for specialist located in Germany and Holland because of the short drive or flight to the Region, which makes it possible to commute to the region or frequently drive home for a visit.

Why choose Denmark
You will be a part of an informal and professional work environment and you will have the opportunity to influence how you would like your future in the department to plan out. The Danish work place culture is informal and has a flat hierarchy, a 37-hour working week and an attractive salary and pension scheme. In addition, Region Zealand offers a great range of leisure and accommodation facilities as well as good schools.

Benefits for you and your family if you choose a career at Region Zealand:
• A professional and inspirational work environment
• Opportunities for training and professional growth
• Good research opportunities - national and international
• Good quality of life for families

If you choose Region Zealand we will offer you
An attractive recruitment package offering you help to become established as a specialist doctor in Denmark, including free Danish lessons, relocation assistance and support for the family, including finding accommodation, day-care institutions or schools, contact with authorities and advice on taxes. We also meet the costs of authorisation and offer a financial relocation contribution.

Recruitment process
If we find you qualified for the position you have applied for, you will firstly be invited to a skype meeting with the staff management to discuss your medical qualifications and experiences related to the given job position. In case of a good match between your qualifications and our needs, you will be invited to a recruitment meeting at the hospital. This includes a job interview and a visit at the hospital, an interview with Human Resources, a tour around the community area with our relocation agency and a language test with our private language teacher. This meeting will provide you with necessary insights to living and working conditions in Region Zealand.

If you want to know more about working as a medical specialist for Region Zealand you are welcome to contact us on internationalrekruttering@regionsjaelland.dk .

Application: Send your CV in English language and a short motivation letter to Euresadviser Jørgen Uldall-Ekman on: jue@workindenmark.dk and we will contact you regarding the Next step.

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