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World-class freelance robotics experts for our RoBi-Xpert team

We are expanding our RoBi-Xpert team of world-class freelance robotic experts who can join our high-level robotic design and development projects under our RoBi-X program. Here we engage with globally leading partners and create the robotic products of tomorrow. We invite you to be part of it all.


At Blue Ocean Robotics we create and commercialise robots. We apply robot technology to create solutions and innovation for end-users and new businesses in partnerships. In Blue Ocean Robotics we are proud of creating tomorrow's robots, whether it is a patient lifting robot, a roboticized lobster production system or a UV-Disinfection robot. Robots which will create value and sense for humans in a joint partnership, from our RoBi-X partnership program.


The RoBi-X Partnership program in Blue Ocean Robotics


Our RoBi-X Partnerships consist of five sequential phases where our team of specialists are taking lead in designing and developing new robot solutions that address unmatched user needs, problem statements and business opportunities. Our freelance robotics experts are mainly tapping into our RoBi-Roadmap, RoBi-Design and RoBi-Develop projects.


1. RoBi-Roadmap


In this first phase the RoBi-Roadmap analyses an entire system of business processes as well as the market and business aspects related to the operation. We identify opportunities for transforming processes to more automated processes by using robotic technology (so called RPA’s) and we combine those into system level concepts (so called SLC’s). Altogether these are assessed- according to risk, investment required, business potential, timeline, etc. and are then prioritised and laid out on a roadmap for the development and implementation onwards. For those of our partners which not only have a single process or product opportunity but an entire system to be considered the RoBi-Roadmap is an ideal place to start the RoBi-X Partnership program.


2. RoBi-Design


As the second phase, RoBi-Design aims at investigating the business potential of developing a new robot solution for a specific application in the market – and as well to develop a robot concept and supportive business plan to realize the business opportunity. Hence, the RoBi-Design is an ideal starting point for kickstarting the innovation process.


For our RoBi-Design phase we have developed a methodology based on the principles of Front-End Innovation and Co-Creation, which partly aims to analyze the specific pain, Job-To-Be-Done, user needs, business case etc. from a technical- and business-oriented perspective – and partly to develop a robot concept and business plan by involving end-users, stakeholders and market experts.


3. RoBi-Develop


The RoBi-Develop phase partly aims to develop a robot concept into a range of final product versions – and partly to prepare for commercialization through marketing and pre-sales activities. RoBi-Develop is an opportunity when venture capital has been fundraised for a R&D project, thus it is an ideal continuation of a RoBi-Design project.


Our RoBi-Develop phase is based on the latest innovation methodologies for high-tech products. The product development is achieved through build-test-revise iterations with continuous involvement from end-users and other stakeholders to ensure a high level of value creation.


Who are we looking for?


High skilled robotics experts, who on a freelance basis are interested in joining Blue Ocean Robotics on selected high profile tasks. It can be assignments in relation to a wide range of applications or specific robot technology domains, like:


Surgical robots, sensors, control systems, etc. Includes both invasive and non-invasive robots being in contact with humans. 


Subsea robots. 


Robots and drones for inspections of buildings. 


Robots and drones, sensors or devices for non-destructive tests of concrete, steel and iron structures. 


The robotics experts can choose to be working for us in either an anonymous way or the opposite by being profiled as a freelance member of our RoBi-Xpert on our web page.


Our robotics experts are typically candidates with the following experience and qualifications:


5+ or more years of experience within specific (robotic) areas. 


Deep knowledge and experience from R&D, universities and/or from private or public companies, maybe as a consultant. 


Master Degree and or PhD Degree in technical or commercial fields. 


The flexibility to do freelance jobs in relation to our RoBi-Roadmap, RoBi-Design and RoBi-Develop projects which typically are in chunks of approx. 10-20 hours of work per project and with a high variation of time between projects. 


Remotely operated robots in oil and gas industry


What we offer


The Freelancer can choose one out of three options for Public Announcement of the Freelancer’s engagement with Blue Ocean Robotics.


Private: The Freelancer is only known internally in Blue Ocean Robotics (by default)


Semi-Public: The Freelancer is know internally and to our RoBi-X Partners.


Public: The Freelancer is on our webpage and known publicly to be associated. 


In Blue Ocean Robotics we have an international working environment. Right now we have 15 different nationalities and cultures represented and with an incredible desire and eagerness to develop our robots. Our headquarter is located in Odense, Denmark and the company is present with our own office/location in 11 countries around the world.


We respect each other and our differences. We take pride in integrating expat colleagues in collaboration with Odense Robotics and the International Community Odense.


We are a fast-paced, super dynamic organization with a flat work hierarchy. We have monthly social events, to ensure strong cohesion among each other.


For further information regarding the RoBi-Xpert team, please do not hesitate to contact Vice President of Human Resources, Rikke Voldsgaard Risager, via email: To know more about Blue Ocean Robotics please visit the website: Also, make sure to follow our latest news on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.


We will do ongoing screening of candidates, Therefore please submit your application and CV as soon as possible.


Apply for this opportunity through our website under “Career”, Please note this is the only way we wish to receive applications. We treat all applications with the highest degree of confidentiality.

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